RFC Custom Order/Commission Request

Thank you so much for considering working with me on your custom project! I am honored and delighted to be able to work with you. Please fill out the following form with your details. After I’ve looked over your information I will follow up with any questions or concerns. 

Orders are completed in the order I receive them. Most of the time I am able to get custom orders done in two weeks or less but turnaround time may take up to three months from order date. Complicated projects may take longer. Custom orders are priced at $20/hr for labor plus rounded up cost of materials. A $20 deposit is required to get the project started, but full payment is not due until order is ready to ship. Order will not ship or be surrendered until full payment is received. You will receive an invoice in your email when the order is ready. 

Changing your order after finalization restarts turn around time, and may be subject to cancellation and/or additional fees. Please try to think through your project as much as possible as changing or adding details is more time consuming after I’ve begun and planned out the project optimally with original details. I highly recommend that you do a consultation with me of $30 ($10 credit/deposit included) for up to one hour of face time/discussion/research. This can solve problems before they arise, and clear up any miscommunication, saving you money in the long run. Please draw a rough sketch of the front and back of your vision, snap a photo with your phone, and e-mail it to rexingtonfunk@gmail.com

Payment options:
Venmo: @rexingtonfunk
Paypal: rexingtonfunk@gmail.com

Cancellations forfeit deposit. The cost of materials beyond my inventory and deposit is due immediately, I will let you know and send you an invoice. You may be subject to state sales tax (Washington). 
By filling out and submitting this form you are agreeing to the conditions set out above. I reserve the right to refuse service at any time for any reason.

Click here to download the panty worksheet! Please fill out (print, draw, then snap a photo with your phone) and e-mail to rexingtonfunk@gmail.com.

Custom Order Form

Thanks for your inquiry!