Face Masks

Custom Masks

Custom masks are $15 EACH + shipping and will come this way unless otherwise indicated: black outside, ear straps, in size medium, and your choice of liner. 

 *HEAD straps and sizes toddler, small/child, and large are available. You may indicate that you'd like a liner fabric for the outside instead of black, but please indicate so very clearly. 

See the photo below for some fabric choices. My fabric selection changes daily and I have so many more fabrics than what is pictured. If you want something else from what is pictured please just contact me. I will be happy to find you a fabric you love. 



The Luxe Collection

Scrap Masks

Scrap Masks are $10 EACH + shipping unless otherwise indicated and come with ear straps and in size medium. I make them from whatever scraps I have on hand and I do not make these to any specifications. First come first served. Ear strap lengths can be adjusted by request. See below for the current selection.

Fine print:

ALL MASKS SALES ARE FINAL. For obvious health and sanitation reasons, I cannot accept returns or exchanges for custom or scrap masks! Please make sure that your order will fit. I am happy to answer questions and help you figure out what size will work best for you. Shipping is $5 for up to 5 masks and another $2 for each additional mask.  

All masks: come with 3 layers or equivalent, and I try to mix types of fabric for best filtering. There is a tunnel between layers for inserting a makeshift filter. They are reversible and machine washable, hang to dry. They have wire in the nose bridge.

Note: Head straps on the Luxe collection will not have a tunnel between layers.

Size toddler fits up to age 3 and always comes with a continuous 20" long head strap.

Size small is 8.5" across and 4.5" tall and fits most smaller than average humans. 

Size mediums are 9" across and 5" tall, this size fits most humans.

Size large is 9.5" across and 5.5" tall and fits most plus-sized or bearded humans.

Ear straps cover about 2.5" of face for each size and are Small=6" Med=6.5" Large=7".

Head straps come as a continuous 42" long head strap and tie on top of head. 


To measure your face grab the across measurement of size (Small=8.5", Medium=9", Large=9.5") in string or tape measure and center it over your mouth. The ends should hit about mid-cheek and be no less than 2.5" from the center of your ear. If the mask part fits but the ear strap doesn't it can be adjusted by request. The ear straps are stretchy and will stretch up to another inch or so comfortably. 

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