I’m one of “those” people that bought a bidet last year 😏 and I’m now sitting pretty on my high horse with a clean heiney. 😎 That being said you still get wet and need some soft towels! I have so many sets of these now I’ve assigned them to be paper towels, napkins, rags, and of course what I like to call “butt towels.” 🤫 I simply don’t buy paper toiletries anymore and its really helping me save money!

These sets come in either blue/green plaid or pink/purple polka dots with with ten towels that are 10” by 7”. 🌲 Roll them up individually (I have an instructional video!) and you can pull them out from the inside like a Clorox wipe! 🧼 Easy peasy. Each towel is only $1.90, they quickly pay for themselves after only a few uses!!


- cotton flannel

- ten cloths

- Size: 10” x 7”

- reusable

- can be used as napkins, paper towels, wipes,
toilet paper, tissues, rags, baby wipes, or genera purpose cloths

- made of upcycled materials


Unpaper Towels - Reusable Cloths

  • Hand or machine wash and dryable. 

  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.