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Whether your bestie needs it to legit stay warm (below 40f/4c many pets do!) or you're just into dressing up your pet, you don't need to explain it. I'm an unapologetic pet fashion enthusiast myself, I get it!

Hand crafted in small batches from upcycled scraps of previously-owned sweat pants and hoodies, this hoodie is sustainable but also very affordable! 

Color blocked hood, cuffs, and pocket for maximum cuteness. Your pet will look like they are a tiny furry little human! Pocket is functional! Store a treat or a poo bag for later. 


Chevy, the blonde model, is 22 lbs, 20" chest, and 16" back. 

Murciel, the brunette model, is 7 lbs, 15" chest, and 11" back. 


Please check size chart and return policy before making a purchase. 

Sherpa Derp - Pet Hoodie

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
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