About Rexington Funk Creations (RFC)

I am committed to a smarter, healthier, more efficient planet, and believe that small efforts can have big impacts. I design and produce handmade products from as many upcycled materials as possible, including the packaging! Over 15 Million tons of textiles per year are discarded in landfills in America alone, and I plan to help by spreading the word and inspiring people to change the way they think about buying clothing and accessories through my designs. I source my materials from Goodwill, yard sales, Estates, family, friends, and people like you! (Please contact me if you'd like to donate.^) Saving items from places like these keep them out of the landfill or from being shipped overseas, where they hurt local markets that cannot compete. Instead of spending the carbon it takes to move so much material, I'd like to give it a new life, and a whole new purpose right here. Help me, your planet, and local communities including your own by buying less brand new and more upcycled, recycled, or used! Get started with 10% off my website or Etsy with code: "SMALLEFFORTS"  

^If you have used unwanted clothing, especially if unwearable (holes, rips, etc.), please consider donating to RFC to be reused and given a second life!