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I design and produce my products from as many reclaimed materials as possible! I source my materials including fabric and hardware from deadstock, clearance, second hand stores, yard sales, Estates, family, friends, and people like you! (Please contact me if you'd like to donate.) Saving items from places like these keep them out of the landfill or from being shipped overseas, where they hurt local markets that cannot compete, and help me keep my prices low so I can extend the savings to my customers. Instead of spending the carbon it takes to move so much material, I'd like to give it a new life and purpose right here in North America (Ontario, Ca to be specific!). Help me, your planet, and local communities including your own by buying sustainably and donating your unwanted textiles/clothing to RFC, especially if unwearable (holes, stains, rips, etc.) including household goods (drapes, sheets, comforters, pillows). I do NOT collect: coats, underwear, socks, or denim/jeans, please and thank you. ​ I also collect other things besides textiles and clothing including:​

  • Stickers

  • Mailers

  • Small plastic lids

  • Stationary

  • Envelopes

  • Expired makeup

  • Shoes (in good condition)

  • Craft/sewing supplies (beads, glitter, paint, trims, buttons, etc)

  • Tote bags

  • Gift bags + tissue paper

If you want to donate something not on this list contact me to discuss!


To donate in person or by mail contact me at

Thank you so much!!


If you need to contact me for any reason please email me at or

DM me on instagram!

About Rexington Funk Creations (RFC)


     My name really is Rexington Funk. My friends call me Rex. I am a one wo-man show here literally doing everything myself from making to marketing. My passion lies in honoring the Earth, future generations, and myself by making comfy, cute and sustainable clothing for all the varying sizes of bodies



      I am committed to a smarter, healthier, more efficient planet, and believe that small efforts can have big impacts. An unfathomable amount of textiles per year are discarded in landfills all over the world, and I hope to help mitigate that waste by spreading the word and inspiring people to change the way they think about buying and throwing away everything, especially clothing and accessories. All items have worth, but North Americans are taught to use and dispose of almost everything like there are infinite Earths of resources and space for garbage. Much like our ancestors (who didn't have a choice like we do now!), I believe that nothing is disposable as a general concept, down to a simple plastic straw or paper napkin. Occasionally there is a necessity for single use plastics and new items but it's important to consider if there is a safe compostable option or good enough reason, like healthcare or public safety. Alternatively, is there a way to reuse something that’s use has faded in a new way? This is as much about building character as it as about respecting the Earth and future generations. The reality is that no individual carbon footprint makes much of a difference, (and corporations are the real culprit) but a ripple effect can have big results, and inspiration and ingenuity is contagious. I treat my entire life like a video game of how I can be more mindful about my impact on the environment, but I understand it's not as fun for everyone else. I do wish that I inspire you to make small changes that you can stick with, and that I kindle your hope for a more sustainable world for everyone.  


     Due to the nature of my business I cannot offer discounts for provided fabric and I do not use new fabrics for custom orders. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to offer refunds or exchanges at this time unless there is a quality issue. I will consider it on a case to case basis if you email me at I keep my prices as low as possible to assure you the best value for a garment made of used materials while also providing a living wage. Please be sure you know how to measure yourself! If you do not know how to measure yourself I have created this video for you. If you need additional assistance please email me at Rest assured that you will get a garment that fits because I offer alterations for my garments worth over $100 if the item can be altered. Thank you for understanding and for supporting small sustainable businesses!

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