You spent good money on your clothes; they should last a good amount of time and fit well. Save money and the landfill and revive what you already have! 

All (Except Coats/Jackets)

Hemming                                       20

Replace Button*                            10

Buttonhole (each)                          10

Patch Hole                                  5-20

Fix Pockets                              10-20

Replace Zipper/Elastic*               20

Fix Seam                                    5-10​

Add Hook + Eye (per set)                5



Side Seams                                   20

Special Side Seams                     25

Adjust Shoulders/Straps       20-30

Armhole Resizing                         25

Adjust/Add Darts (per set)           20


Slimming                                 20-30

Waistband Resizing                20-30

Seat/Crotch Resizing                   30

Waistband and Seat Resizing      45

Slimming and Hemming              35


Adjust Shoulders                          40

Hemming                                     50+

Replace Zipper*                             25

Fix/Replace Lining                      50+

Adjust Sleeve Hem                 20-50

Replace Button*                            15

Fix Pockets(per set)                      25

PLEASE READ, VERY IMPORTANT: Additional Services Negotiable. Normal turnaround is two weeks. Please allow up to up to 8 weeks depending on current workload. Feel free to inquire. Prices are subject to change. Rights reserved to refuse any service. Minimum order is $20. Fitting in-studio is included. *Add $10 for delivery within 5 mi (additional travel is calculated by time and mileage), $10 for at-home fittings, $10 for lined garments, $15 for each vent, $5 for invisible zippers, $5 for me to supply buttons/elastic, $5-10 for me to supply zipper, and $10 for denim.


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