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Fit Model Sign Up

Thank you for your interest in becoming a fit model! Please read about what this entails to make sure its a good fit for you. If so please fill out the form below. It cannot be guaranteed that you will be chosen, as people will be chosen based on their measurements and making sure all sizes are represented. All sizes are welcome and requested!

Fit Model Requirements:

- Must be able to accurately report body measurements.

If you are unsure on how please watch this video.

- Must be able to describe fit and provide honest and constructive feedback. Please see worksheet below for what kind of questions you'll need to answer. (Questions may be changed at any time.) You will be expected to write a few sentences on each question, positive or negative. Be specific and constructive.

- Must be able to scan or take photograph of worksheet and email back to

- Must be willing to provide 5 photos per garment; 1 from the back, 1 from the side, and 3 from the front in different poses. You are welcome to get creative and show your own style here, but I can also give you direction upon request, or I may request specific poses. You must also be willing to let these photos be shared on social media and sign a release form. You are welcome to use and share these photos for yourself however you'd like, but please tag @rexingtonfunk! You are encouraged to take more photos, especially detail shots of potential issues, or if you just want to!


- Must live in Canada or the United States.  

The point of this is to test out designs on real bodies and make changes based on how the garments work in the real world. All RFC patterns are original, and graded(sized) in house, so work needs to be checked. The point for you is to get free handmade clothing! There is no cost in this for you except time, words, and photos. Additionally, If a garment doesn't fit you are welcome to return it and pay for shipping and it will be altered to your specifications. Complicated or timely alterations may not be possible or might need an additional fee. Please email to discuss before mailing any garments back.


Thanks again for your time and interest! 

fit model feedback worksheet.png
Fit Model Application

Thanks for applying to be a fit model! 

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