I will be donating 25% of sales on these products to a LGBTQ+ charity! It’s called Positive Images and it’s a small org in California. I wanted to give a smaller charity some love. 💕Suggested to me by @positivelycrafty (shoutout! Check out her awesome art!) who has donated and volunteered there: “They are there for young people and others who are at such high risk of abuse, homelessness, suicide, etc - encouraging, counseling, mentoring, and guiding. I got to hear so many heart wrenching stories of torment, turning to stories of empowerment and happiness.” What a testimonial! I’m sold. ❤️‍🩹⠀
Making these was SO fun. 🥰 I kid you not, the coloring I used to make these is literally eyeshadow from Claire’s from my preteen years. 😆 Its such a colorful palate so I didnt want to get rid of it but honeslty they just dont show up well on skin. (Psst! Send me your old makeup!) I hope you like them too! 🌈⠀

All hardware is hypoallergenic! Necklaces come with 16” stainless steel chain.

If you see “backorder” on the item in drop down menu it means it is sold out. I will make more if these sell out. Backorder may take upto two weeks (June 18th) to arrive in the mail, but I will make and ship them out by June 11th.

Rainbow Dangle Earrings and Vaxxed Necklaces (for LGBTQ+ charity!)